Web Bytes - 798

23 September 2020

This week: Conveyancing firm taken for R500K through e-mail hack; 'Zoom boom' highlights weakened office property sector; Land Bank lands first tranche of its injection; and recover for the future not the past.

Kingshaven criticism

01 October 2020

Graham Paddock argues that the decision in Kingshaven Homeowners's Association in which it was held that an HOA cannot stop an owner from parking in breach of the scheme’s conduct rules, is incorrect.

Pay the costs

01 October 2020

An owners application in terms of the CSOS Act that the respondent pays the costs of repairs to damage caused to her unit during renovations by the unlawful use of certain tools/machinery, succeeds.

Web Bytes - 799

01 October 2020

This week: Homeowners believe property can help them weather social and economic uncertainty; Virus led to rapid take-up of e-conveyancing in Australia; and Consolidated Directive of Gauteng High Court Operations.

Sectional Title Body Corporate Rules - 1

08 October 2020

In the first of a two part series, Graham Paddock gives a comprehensive analysis of the four types of body corporate rules, and covers inter alia their nature, differences, requirements, binding nature, importance, and creation.

Sectional Titles Amendment Bill

08 October 2020

The Minister for Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development intends introducing the Sectional Titles Amendment Bill, 2020 in the National Assembly during the fourth quarter of 2020.

Web Bytes - 800

08 October 2020

This week: Does the conveyancing industry have to consider digital assets, to FLISP or not to FLISP, and how to FICA yourself.

Is your home business legal?

15 October 2020

With the growth in home businesses Jack Crook considers what the law has to say about them, whether you can move your business into your home, or set up a home office and whether neighbours have a right to object?

Sectional Title Body Corporate Rules - 2

15 October 2020

In the second of a two part series, Graham Paddock gives a comprehensive analysis of the distinction between rules and title deed conditions; rules and laws of general application; and short-term letting rules.

Web Bytes - 801

15 October 2020

This week: Inclusion of LPC numbers in deeds and documents - Pretoria; Advice for conveyancers about hosting online meetings; and the Expropriation Bill has been submitted to Parliament
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