Property Direct: Conveyancing Online

25 February 2003

Property Direct is the largest solicitor's conveyancing operation in the UK and their entire conveyancing operation is handled online.

Opposition to deregulation of conveyancing services

25 February 2003

According to a report on the website, the Law Society of England is set to criticise the government's proposals to introduce authorised conveyancing practitioners (ACPs). This follows after consultation with, and feedback from, solicitors.

Transfer Duty Changes - 2003 Budget Speech

27 February 2003

In his 2003 budget speech on 26 February, the Minister of Finance, Trevor Manuel, lowered the transfer duty on fixed property sales to natural persons. These new rates came into effect on 1 March 2003. Companies, Close Corporations and Trusts etc have not benefited and will still attract transfer duty at the rate of 10% of the price.

Do not change deals to skip tax

12 March 2003

It is illegal to try to change property sale dates to take advantage of the reduction in transfer duty.

2003 Legal Technology Predictions - 1 : The coming battle for control

12 March 2003

In this the first segment of a two part article, well known writer and speaker, Dennis Kennedy, sets forth his legal technology predictions for 2003.

GhostMortgage increases fee income

12 March 2003

Korbitec introduced GhostMortgage to their 'Ghost' suite of products for conveyancers in February 2003. The new software is built into their industry-leading GhostConvey software, and the new module is supplied free to clients.

Gazumping and Gazundering

12 March 2003

Here we examine the problems caused in England and Wales where buyers and sellers are able to withdraw from an agreement - up until the last minute.

Survive and thrive

14 March 2003

This précis of a presentation given by Brian Blackwell and Allan Carton at Legal IT 2003 in February highlights the need for conveyancing firms to embrace technology to increase their profitability.

GhostDeed now has credit search facility

20 March 2003

With the release of GhostDeed v3, TransUnion ITC (formerly ITC) has combined with Korbitec to add functionality that allows the user to perform credit searches in their vast database.

2003 Legal Technology Predictions - 2 : The coming battle for control

24 March 2003

In this the second segment of a two part article, well known writer and speaker, Dennis Kennedy, continues with his legal technology predictions for 2003.
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