Law puts heat on agents

21 May 2003

The state parliament of Victoria in Australia is proposing a law to fine estate agents who repeatedly underquote and overquote property prices, by up to A$20 000.

Customary marriages

21 May 2003

Allen West discusses registrations involving customary marriages in the light of the Recognition of Customary Marriages Act 120 of 1998. The series of three articles appeared in De Rebus from October to December 2002.

Property Rates bill criticism - general

21 May 2003

The provision in the Property Rates Bill that bases municipal rates across the country on the improved value of properties amounts to a partial expropriation of a portion of the value of a property's improvements, according to the Business Day of 15 May.

Property Rates bill criticism - from farmers

21 May 2003

The proposed Property Rates Bill will reduce agricultural land values and ultimately threaten food security in SA and the region, according to the Business Day of 16 May.

Deeds Registries Amendment Act

28 May 2003

The Deeds Registries Amendment Act 9 of 2003 has been published and came into operation on 30 April.

Bond market statistics for 2002

28 May 2003

According to the latest Reserve Bank Quarterly Bulletin, of the R123 billion worth of new mortgage loans and advances granted by the banks last year, R86,7 billion were to fund the purchase of 'dwellings and flats'.

IT the law and the future

28 May 2003

Richard Susskind, described in an interview as the "new media guru" and "the most accurate of futurologists", has a vision for the future of technology and the legal profession that is both alarming and compelling.

Rates Bill jitters

28 May 2003

Homeowners, estate agents and the agricultural and communal land sectors have raised fears about the Property Rates Bill. These fears may be unfounded, according to Yunus Carrim, chairman of Parliament's Provincial and Local Government Committee.

Processing IT

28 May 2003

In an article in the Law Gazette on 21 March, Charles Christian advises solicitors on the best ways to keep up with the rapidly changing technology market and the benefits that such developments can bring to firms.

Designing an effective internet strategy for law firms

04 June 2003

New models of service delivery will lead to overall improvement in service value and might also create new revenue streams for law firms, according to an article published on the Singaporean Law Gazette site.
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