03 September 2003

Buying a good monitor can be confusing, what with terms like "dot pitch" and "bezels". This article, by Rhoda Alexander of Stanford University, should go a long way to putting you in the picture.

Redlining bill

03 September 2003

The Department of Housing is to hold the Community Reinvestment (Housing) Bill, 2002, "in abeyance" until the financial services charter is complete.

Sectional title extensions

03 September 2003

In a letter in the September issue of De Rebus, KG Mustard presents a contrary view to Rolf Gerke's July De Rebus article Extensions to sections. The position of the bondholder is also looked at.

FICA fees

10 September 2003

The Property Law Standing Committee of the Law Societies of South Africa met on Thursday 4 September and amongst other things discussed the Financial Intelligence Centre Act.

Singapore abolishes conveyancing scale fees

10 September 2003

Following the recommendations by a Conveyancing Fees Review Committee, conveyancing fees in Singapore became totally liberalised on the 1st February this year, allowing lawyers to freely negotiate them. Yet...

Tax and "unnamed nominees"

10 September 2003

In this article Patrick Maybin discusses the application of Section 16 of the Transfer Duty Act to artificial transactions using "unnamed nominees".

Conveyancing problems in Johannesburg

17 September 2003

An open letter written on behalf of the Property Law Sub Committee of the Johannesburg Attorneys Association to the City Manager about the problems being faced by conveyancers in Johannesburg.

Deeds Registries Act amendment

17 September 2003

In terms of Government Notice GNR 1224/GG 25370/29-08-2003 of the 29 August, Regulations 18, 68 and 73 of the Deeds Registries Act 47 of 1937 are to be amended and two new forms inserted.

Online property tracking now in South Africa

17 September 2003

Hassle-free Web-based tracking of conveyancing transactions has just moved a step closer with GhostEnquiry.

Real rights option

25 September 2003

The cession of real rights to owners so that they take ownership of the land and responsibility for the subsequent building of their unit has a number of advantages for both the developer and the owner.
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