What is LexisDigest?

We help the conveyancing profession practise more profitably.

Conveyancing is a dynamic area of the law and as technology develops so will the opportunities grow for conveyancers to increase their profits and to cut their expenses. Over the last sixteen years the LexisDigest (formerly GhostDigest) has published thousands of articles, delivered new and inspiring information to conveyancers, and promoted the interests of conveyancers, the conveyancing industry in particular and the property profession in general.

LexisDigest is essentially a "bird's-eye-view" of what's happening in the conveyancing profession. As such it gives practitioners the bigger picture as to what other firms are doing. We have published articles on how conveyancing practices can increase fees and reduce costs. We have looked at technology and how it can benefit conveyancers. We have highlighted successful conveyancing practices elsewhere in the world and followed the progress of electronic deeds registration in South Africa and in other countries. We have also monitored trends in the industry, such as firms acquiring estate agencies and the role of mortgage originators.

We also publish any appropriate articles and comments submitted by you, the conveyancer. To help all conveyancers stay in touch, we send out a weekly email every Thursday containing the headlines and summaries of our latest stories. With a readership of over 10 000 a month the LexisDigest is undoubtedly the premier source of conveyancing news in South Africa.

We'd be grateful if you'd let us have your feedback on LexisDigest - good or bad. This will help us to improve the site and, of course, our service to the conveyancing fraternity.

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