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AirBnB and the Law

3 December 2020

Robert Krautkramer discusses the concept of "transient guests" as contained in the Cape Town Municipal By Law Act and its implications for needing Council's permission to AirBnB.

Anonymous Partnerships

26 November 2020

Allen West discusses anonymous and commanditarian partnerships and the issue of whether a vesting can disclose or refer to a commandite partner in deeds and documents. 

End of year Deeds Office arrangements

26 November 2020

Cape Town, Johannesburg and Polokwane Deeds Office arrangements for lodgements, preps, registrations and other issues during the festive season.  

Divorce - Transfer duty implications

12 November 2020

Allen West emphasises that date of acquisition of property as a result of a divorce is the date of the court order and not the date of the agreement between the parties to the division of their estates.

How many signatures

12 November 2020

Robert Krautkramer discusses the question of how many signatures are required on an Offer to Purchase when a seller acts on his own behalf and on behalf of a seller.

Acquired at a single price

5 November 2020

Allen West discusses the payment of transfer and the divisibility of a transaction when a number of properties held under a separate title, in one deed of sale, are sold via one aggregate value transaction.

Sufficient proof

5 November 2020

Wiseman Bhuqa discusses printouts as proof of ownership and raises a number of caveats in the context of title deeds being the best evidence to prove ownership of immovable property.

Alert Level 1 Eviction Rules

29 October 2020

Jack Crook gives some tips and a brief summary of some of the highlights from the full regulations affecting landlords and tenants with regard to the new eviction rules under Alert Level 1.

Introduction to Conveyancing

22 October 2020

If you are keen to start a career as a conveyancing secretary then the LexisNexis® online, self-paced, interactive, eLearning Conveyancing course is for you.

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