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Is your home business legal?

15 October 2020

With the growth in home businesses Jack Crook considers what the law has to say about them, whether you can move your business into your home, or set up a home office and whether neighbours have a right to object?

Introduction to Conveyancing

17 September 2020

If you are keen to start a career as a conveyancing secretary then the LexisNexis® online, self-paced, interactive, eLearning Conveyancing course is for you.

Options to renew leases

10 September 2020

Four recent cases illustrate how tenants who lose sight of the value and importance of an option to extend or renew leases at the end of their current term, are flirting with disaster. Jack Crook reports.

Backlogs causing trouble

3 September 2020

Advice from Miltons for buyers and sellers affected by the City of Cape Town's late transfer of rates accounts to buyers as a result of the Deeds Office having fallen behind on registrations. 

Don't pay double commission!

3 September 2020

Jack Crook reminds sellers and buyers of the double commission danger, the difficulties of determining "effective cause", and gives advice to sellers, buyers and agents on how to protect themselves.

Deeds Registries Act Amendment

20 August 2020

Deeds Registries Amendment Regulations, 14 August 2020: Amendments to Regulations 43, 44,  and  to the substitution of  certificates to a number of forms in the Deeds Registries Act. 

Sectional Titles Act Amendment

20 August 2020

Sectional Titles Act Amendment Regulations, 14 August 2020: Amendments to Regulations 15, 16A, 16B,  and to Annexure 1 (forms and Deed of Transfer) to the Regulations of the Sectional Titles Act.

How late is late?

13 August 2020

Adv Audrey Gwangwa asks whether the legislature intended the period which the court can grant for  the registration of an Antenuptial contract  in terms of section 87 of the Deeds Registries Act, to be open ended.

Getting married? Mine, yours, ours

6 August 2020

Adv Audrey Gwangwa discusses the process involved and requirements necessary for an Antenuptial Contract to be validly executed and registered by the Registrar of Deeds.

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