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Be a registered credit provider!

22 January 2015

Van Heerden v Nolte (19428/11) [2014] ZAGPPHC underscores a trap a lender can fall into even if the loan is a “once-off” or if the lender doesn’t “frequently” provide credit.

A short lived pardon

12 September 2013

Sika Ackotia considers the implications and concerns for banks and credit providers about the proposed credit information amnesty which could be implemented by year end. 

Frequently FICA

17 November 2011

The 11 most frequently asked questions by attorneys and the responses by the Financial Intelligence Centre.

First line of defence

10 March 2011

WinDeed's Company Alert is first line of defence for companies against corporate identity theft.

Cash transaction

23 September 2010

The filing of cash threshold reports in terms of section 28 of the Financial Intelligence Centre Act is to be implemented on the 4th of October and the 1st of December.

Consumer Protection Bill

19 March 2009

Nicky Campbell is presenting a seminar under the auspices of L.E.A.D on the Consumer Protection Bill.

KYC fees

29 August 2008

LSSA and the Banking Association have agreed that Know Your Client (KYC) fees charged by conveyancers are not unethical.

Waiver of exceptions

25 October 2007

Ingrid Broodryk answers a question about the waiver of legal exceptions in bonds.


30 August 2007

The National Credit Regulator (NCR) says Rudco contravened a number of provisions of the credit act.

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