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Conveyancing Protocol

22 August 2019

The Law Society of the UK has updated the protocol to help remind solicitors of their obligations, to reduce the risk of fraud and to increase the efficiency of the process.

Online digital deed signing

2 November 2017

UK: HM Land Registry have developed a new digital mortgage service which enables borrowers to sign their property deed online.

Injecting innovation

26 October 2017

UK: The government aims to ‘Inject Innovation’ into the home-buying process by seeking feedback on the current home buying process in their recent Call for Evidence.


2 March 2017

UK: A look at why identifying client at the start of a transaction, in a way which can be relied upon by all others could speed up property transactions.

Modernising the process II

9 February 2017

UK: Eddie Goldsmith, chairman of the Conveyancing Association, explains what the trade body’s priorities are for 2017 in improving the legal side of buying a home.

Cross-marketing made effective

28 July 2016

UK - Joe Reevy explains why cross-marketing is essential and gives advice on how attorneys can use it effectively to cultivate their clients now.

Land Registry privatisation?

19 May 2016

UK - The majority of members of the Conveyancing Association (CA) have voted to oppose the government’s proposals to move the Land Registry to the private sector.

Rogue client

21 April 2016

UK - Conveyancers on both sides of a transaction are liable for the actions of a rogue seller who committed a £470,000 property fraud, the High Court has ruled.

Cappped conveyancing insurance

15 October 2015

New Zealand - a “Capped Conveyancing” insurance policy was recently launched which allows lawyers and their clients to better manage their risks in conveyancing.

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