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Lexis Convey Clients - Improve your website with a free Cost Calculator

When designing websites for our clients, we at LawDotNews are always looking for convenient, easy to implement marketing solutions that can be used by firms of any size. We find that many firms have no idea of the many such services available for little to no cost. If you are a conveyancer, the Lexis Convey Cost Calculator is one such service, and it is 100% free for all Lexis Convey clients.

Why a Cost Calculator?
A cost calculator is a great tool to promote engagement on your website. It enhances your reputation as a specialist conveyancing firm by providing your clients and prospective clients with a quick and easy rough estimate of what their various costs would be when buying a property. The LexisConvey calculator has three different components - a Transfer Cost Calculator, a Bond Cost Calculator and a Bond Repayment Calculator.

Customise it to your needs
Aside from selecting the three components of the calculator, there are a variety of other features you can customise for your firm. You can personalise your calculators with your own logo, colours and font styles, so that the design goes with your website. You can also get the calculator to include in the calculation costs specific to your firm, such as administration fees.

Easy Implementation
The process to get your calculator set up is dead easy. First thing to do is contact your Lexis Convey representative and they will send you a simple form to fill in, with your specifications on which calculators you want, your custom colouring and branding and your administration fees. Once you submit the form Lexis Convey will send you a piece of code with your personalised calculator, which your web developer can simply copy / paste into the relevant section of your website.

This free service from Lexis Convey really allows for a hassle-free and cost-effective way to add great value to your website with a Cost Calculator. If you haven't already spoken to Lexis Convey about this service, we highly recommend that you do – don’t miss out on this!


Paddy Crook, Digital Marketing Manager at DotNews, completed his BSc at Rhodes University and has specialised in email marketing, social media, ppc, ad-serving and other online marketing mediums. This has given him a broad knowledge of the channels and techniques used within the digital space and how best to apply them to professional practices for maximum results at minimum cost. Contact LawDotNews on 086 110 5904 (or email for more on our law firm websites and other marketing services.

Editor’s Note: Have a look here for a live example of our implementation of the Lexis Convey Cost Calculator or email about implementing it.

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