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GhostConvey has been operating in the South African market for almost as long as its parent, specialist software development firm Korbitec. Over some 26 years of business, GhostConvey has become entrenched as the preferred South African conveyancing solution, used by 80% of South African conveyancing practices and hosting almost all the documents of some 58 financial institutions - more than any other system on the market.

GhostConvey caters for all conveyancing needs, from bond registration to transfers and consents and the opening of Sectional Title Schemes and new Township Registers. Its various tools and services also combine to ensure that the central conveyancing functions are supported by a framework catering to the operational and strategic demands of a modern attorney's practice. In 2010, GhostConvey has evolved to become a powerful business solution. Significantly, however, its transaction-based fee model means that the full power of the system is available to all customers, regardless of the number of transactions they carry out per month.

GhostConvey allows attorneys to manage all except the most complex transactions electronically. For example, attorneys are able to open new township registrations and sectional title schemes directly from the system, or cancel bonds when a matter needs to be transferred. All conveyancing requirements - from registrations and transfers to linking bonds (or assisting developers to link to a bond on a specific property) can be managed and controlled directly from the system.

Correspondent module
The Correspondent functionality in GhostConvey.Net has proved very important to attorneys practising outside the regulated lodging distance from the relevant deeds office. Interactions between the instructing and corresponding attorneys take place electronically (supported by mailed hard copies of relevant documents). The system allows both instructing and corresponding attorneys to track transaction progress, while the lodging attorney can also keep the instructing attorney up to date via an electronic messaging system.

Management reports
GhostConvey is supported by comprehensive management reports, generated from a single database which gives decision makers a high level lens on instructions received from all types of clients, including estate agents. Reporting on the number and value of transactions received from various sources is supported by analytical reports on the firm's own productivity levels, which drill down to specific job functions.

Since 2001, the system has also offered an online reporting facility through ConveyCentral.

Additional business-focused applications and tools
The core transactional GhostConvey system is significantly enhanced by a range of additional business-focused applications and tools. GhostView, for example, allows the party responsible for the initial customer contact to locate the matter via a quick search - according to any variable, from inter alia surname, street address to ERF number - and to assign the call to the responsible party within the office at a moment's notice. GhostMarketer links into the GhostConvey system and allows attorneys to communicate directly to buyers and sellers, an additional service the conveyancing firm provides, while GhostPartner generates graphic interpretations of the firms' work flow and other processes.

A tried and trusted solution
GhostConvey has been servicing the vast majority of South African attorneys and financial institutions for 26 years thanks to its ability to process a very broad variety of conveyancing matters, its support for an extensive range of banking documents and transactional requirements, and its unparalleled business optimisation and support capability. The solution enhances the operations of both large scale firms and smaller players - all of whom are able to reduce costs and grow their overall business efficiency through the use of the most tried and trusted solution on the market.

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