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In creating the new website we have stuck to the basics of good website design which when all is said and done amounts quite simply to readability.  Therefore flashing adverts, unnecessary clutter and a relative riot of colour are gone and have been replaced by softer colours, no flashing and most important, articles rendered in a text format which is easier to read.  It was tempting to use more of the vast array of web design functionality and technology available to us but we decided that simpler is indeed better given the fairly dry nature of conveyancing and law.

Virtually every single article which was on the old site is on this one and over the coming months new sections will be teased out of the existing ones to allow for better access while more sections will be added to broaden our content offering.  All comments and suggestions in this regard will be most welcome.

The GhostDigest  is not alone in its redesign as the website has also been transformed to give GhostConvey an online presence which justifiably reflects its position as South Africa's leading conveyancing software provider. 

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