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In “Are you using GhostMarketer yet?” in August last year, we talked about how we at LawDotNews help GhostConvey clients make full use of GhostMarketer, the free marketing and communication platform which comes with your GhostConvey package.

Then in “Client Newsletter - A practical guide” we discussed why every law firm – big and small - should have a regular, quality client newsletter.

News from our side is that we have now streamlined the process of creating and transmitting your own monthly newsletter to your GhostConvey clients. We’ll show you (normally it’s best for you to task a member of your staff to do this – it’s very simple) how to create and transmit your own newsletter in less than 30 minutes every month –

  • As soon as you subscribe to our GhostMarketer Copyright Licence Special Offer, we’ll organise a Skype training session to show you how to use GhostMarketer generally, and specifically to walk you through the process of creating your monthly newsletter.

  • In addition, we’ll design and set up your GhostMarketer platform for you to have a professional-looking branded header and footer, which can also be applied to your everyday GhostConvey Client Notification messages.

  • Next, we solve for you the challenge of populating your newsletter with quality, interesting legal articles. As a GhostMarketer user you qualify for a heavily discounted rate on the use of all our legal articles, so every month we’ll send you a package with all our LawDotNews content in both a Microsoft Word document and in a web-ready code document. All you need to do is copy/paste this web-ready document into a GhostMarketer email every month and your newsletter is ready to go!

  • For those wanting a quick, easy and cost-effective solution, this plug-and-play solution is all you need. But if you have the resources and technical expertise to do so you are welcome also to design your own layout and to choose your own selection of our current and archived articles (we have a 10 year track record so there are many to choose from!).

Contact us on 086 110 5904 (or email for more on your free set up on the GhostMarketer platform and other LawDotNews services.

Paddy Crook, Digital Marketing Manager at LawDotNews, completed his BSc at Rhodes University and has specialised in email marketing, social media, ppc, ad-serving and other online marketing mediums. This has given him a broad knowledge of the channels and techniques used within the digital space and how best to apply them to professional practices for maximum results at minimum cost.

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