A superior Land Registry

Estimated completion dates, automatic fees calculation and fewer requisitions are just a taste of things to come for HM Land Registry customers in 2021.

HM Land Registry’s portal was launched to provide a more efficient alternative to postal applications. Conveyancers and their support staff use the portal to scan documents and submit applications online. It is now used by more than 7,000 businesses and 87,000 individuals who request, collectively, over 20 million individual services annually. But in a world where immediate results and real-time updates are expected, HM Land Registry have acknowledged that these electronic processes need to be improved.

To meet its commitment to a simpler, faster service, HM Land Registry has undertaken an extensive programme to digitise key elements of the registration process. The end game is a customer experience where applications are error checked in real-time, simple processes are automated, and status updates are readily available. Land Registry caseworkers will focus their time on the complex technical aspects of land registration, whilst automation takes care of the simple but labour-intensive tasks, providing a faster service overall. Critically, all changes to the register will be stored digitally, making a host of new services achievable in the future.

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