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ABSA Award

STBB Smith Tabata Buchanan Boyes has won the ABSA Western Cape Homeloans Best Overall Performing Attorney Firm award. Out of approximately 340 attorneys in the Western Cape, STBB won as a firm based on its performance - ABSA changed itsperformance strategy this year and each month competing firms receive an overall percentage per branch.

The overall percentage is derived from the performance rating given for the following aspects:

  1. Quality of docs - return of security document, return of bond and title deeds, quality of documents returned.
  2. Turn-around time of bonds - being assessed on customer contact and from instruction to register for first, further and switch bonds, as well as conversion ratio of pipeline work.

On these ratings (i.e., it is not subjective but entirely statistical!), STBB Smith Tabata Buchanan Boyes came out as ranking the best overall performer in the Western Cape.

In other news, a merger between STBB's Durban office and de Broglio Wolfson Attorneys has taken place. The new practice, situated at 4 Sinembe Park, La Lucia Ridge, Durban, is now fully equipped with a team of dedicated and experienced staff offering professional legal service to the Durban province. De Broglio Wolfson is considered one of Durban's most prestigious law firms.

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