Affordable Housing Transfers

With the current influx of affordable housing projects in South Africa GhostConvey has developed Affordable housing transfers, a solution for conveyancers handling these projects.

The solution offers many benefits, including:

  1. A discounted Billing module
  2. The ability to import data from a spreadsheet, eliminating the need to recapture information and reducing the potential for data capture errors.
  3. The option to apply for rates clearance figures and certificates online, directly from within GhostConvey.
  4. Functionality allowing electronic requests to SARS for transfer duty receipts.
  5. Reporting on key milestones, enabling all relevant parties to be kept up to date on the progress of the project.

Of course, it is important that conveyancing software, and features such as Affordable Housing Transfers, take into account the relevant legislation in force. Therefore GhostConvey paid close attention to the following National and Provincial Acts in order to ensure that this new feature complied with all necessary requirements:

National Acts

  • Less Formal Township Establishment No 113 of 1991.
  • Upgrading of Land Tenure Rights No 112 of 1991.

Provincial Acts

  • Land Use Planning Ordinance (LUPO) Act, 15 of 1985 (Western Cape, Eastern Cape, Northern Cape and North West)
  • Townships Ordinance Act, 9 of 1969 (Free State)
  • Planning and Development Act, 3 of 2003 (Gauteng)
  • Transvaal Town Planning and Townships Ordinance Act, 15 of 1986 (Limpopo)
  • Planning and Development Act, 6 of 2008 (KwaZulu-Natal)

For more information regarding GhostConvey’s Affordable Housing Transfer solution, please contact moreinfo@ghostconvey.co.za

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