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As the sectional title property market expands each day, UCT in conjunction with Graham Paddock & Associates addresses the needs of the growing industry. Together they facilitate a six-month online certificate course in Sectional Title Scheme Management, which was introduced in November last year.

This course was initiated and accredited by the National Association of Managing Agents (NAMA) and has received remarkable industry recognition. It establishes a professional benchmark in the sectional titles scheme management and aims to raise the level of standards in training as well as in services provided in the industry.

The first course, closing at the end of May, has proved to be a great success and there has been extremely positive feedback from the students. These 165 students from various sectors of the industry highly recommend the course and there is no doubt the numbers will grow tremendously for the forthcoming course, beginning in June 2006.

The UCT Sectional Title Scheme Management course is not a typical online course. There is muchinteraction betweenstudents as well as lecturers, which contributes to the high quality training. The notes, quizzes and assignments posted on the Internet are supplemented by discussion forums which students found extremely beneficial. In addition to this, the course involves a 3-day workshop where a number of speakers present various matters of interest. The workshops were held in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban. Speakers included Graham Paddock, Terry Boxall, Dr Gerhard Jooste, Tertius Maree, Mike Addison and Jacques Maree, who shared their expertise covering different aspects of the industry.

For many years, NAMA has encouraged managing agents to regulate their own affairs. This course has the potential to do just that and to raise the standards of managing agency. More than 80% of the current students felt this course should be compulsory for all managing agents, which indicates their high regard for the course. Many of the key players in the industry have recognized this qualification and are ensuring their employees are enrolled in the course.

Due to the great deal of interest shown and in order to secure placement, it is encouraged that registration forms be submitted as soon as possible. Registrations close 15 June 2006.

The second course runs from June 2006 to November 2006. Please contact Robyn Allan on 021 425 2800 or email her

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