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Imagine that your server is damaged by a power surge, or maybe the whole machine is stolen…

Are you ready to handle such a disaster, or will it cause days, weeks or even months of productivity losses?

Put your backup plan to the test by answering the following questions. The higher your score, the better your chances of recovering from a disaster!

GhostPractice, when implemented correctly can make a fundamentally positive impact on your business - yet what good is that when you are not secure about your disaster recovery ability! Even if you don't have GhostPractice installed in your practice, you should still be able to answer the questions below - if you can't, then maybe it is time to talk to us about getting the best implemented Practice Management System installed - along with a solid disaster recovery strategy!

  1. Are your Practice Management database and docs/pdfs databases being backed up daily?
  2. Is your Practice Management database set to Full Recovery Mode? (And your docs/pdfs databases to Simple?)
  3. Do backups run at a time which will not clash with the day-end (e.g. 22:00)?
  4. Is your database logfile being backed up every 3 hours?
  5. Are your backups stored on a different drive to the one hosting the databases?
  6. Do you take backups off-site (so that they cannot be stolen along with the server)?
  7. Do you run manual backups before every month- and year-end?
  8. Do you store your month-end backups for recovery and audit purposes?
  9. Do you test your recovery readiness by doing regular test-restores of backups?
  10. Are you running regular database integrity checks on your server?

If you don't know the answers to these questions, talk to us. Together with your existing IT provider we can make sure that you have:
1. The best implemented Practice Management System - GhostPractice.
2. A secure, reliable disaster recovery plan - designed by your IT provider and implemented and managed by yourselves.

Any queries on this or other articles in the series can be addressed to the writer at or you may call him direct on 082 568 4738.

Yours in law

Matthew Spagnoletti

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