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Are you using GhostMarketer yet?

GhostConvey clients: Are you using GhostMarketer?
Did you know that as a GhostConvey client you have easy access to a powerful, easy-to-use, free Customer Communication tool? GhostMarketer is part and parcel of GhostConvey – all you have to do is use it!

As part of our 10th Anniversary celebrations, LawDotNews has agreed with GhostConvey to provide you with a series of useful GhostDigest articles. Over the next few months you’ll find out –

  • Why you as a conveyancing firm must market your services to remain competitive
  • How to create a simple, effective marketing plan that you can implement immediately
  • How to get started with powerful client communication tools like GhostMarketer and LawDotNews
  • How to access GhostMarketer and how to use it to maximum effect
  • How GhostMarketer allows you to effortlessly manage all your contacts and to build up a comprehensive list of all your conveyancing clients
  • How you can stay ahead of your competitors using GhostMarketer and your LawDotNews marketing solutions in an effective, low-effort, low-cost marketing and communication system.

GhostMarketer in a nutshell
GhostMarketer is already a free component in your GhostConvey package, and we’ll show you how to make best use of its many features and benefits –

  • Your database of clients is automatically generated from your matters in GhostConvey
  • You can categorise your clients by role, value of transaction, date of transaction and date of birth - enabling you to communicate appropriately with various groups of clients
  • Scheduled Marketing – you can personalise and schedule marketing communication to be sent to specific clients in your database at specific times.
  • Reminders – you are reminded of certain events (birthdays perhaps) so you can decide what action to take for each particular client

Free setup and training
LawDotNews offers you – as a 10th Anniversary Special for conveyancers – free setup and training in using your GhostMarketer platform to maximum effect. We’ll set up your initial marketing templates for you and train you in the most convenient ways to use them to best effect.

All we ask in return is that you subscribe to one of our LawDotNews newsletter options for a 3 month trial period. At the expiry of your trial period you are free to choose to leave us (we hope you won’t!) or to join us for the long run. We think that once you have seen LawDotNews in action, you’ll agree with our many loyal subscribers that it is by far the most effective, easiest and cost-effective marketing system available to law firms.

Subsequent articles in the GhostMarketer series by LawDotNews -

Article 2: Six reasons to market your firm
Article 3: Shoestring marketing
Article 4: Targeted Marketing: choosing tools
Article 5: GhostMarketer - Getting started
Article 6: Client newsletters
Article 7: Branding: The basics
Article 8: Marketing mistakes
Article 9: The proof of the pudding

Contact us on 086 110 5904 (or email for more on your free set up on the GhostMarketer platform and other LawDotNews services.

LawDotNews is your one-stop marketing solution: Let us manage your entire corporate identity with our full suite of marketing services, integrated with your client newsletter. For more on our Corporate Branding, Websites/Blogs, Social Media, Email Branding and Email Security/Archiving solutions, see our Services page.

Jack Crook, Director at DotNews is well known to law firms as the author of LawDotNews. Jack’s legal qualifications (LLB Lond and LLB Rhod) are supplemented by many years of practical experience in law, in marketing his own firm, and in helping other small and medium sized professional firms to prosper by using simple, low-cost, effective marketing strategies.

Paddy Crook, Digital Marketing Manager at DotNews, completed his BSc at Rhodes University and has specialised in email marketing, social media, ppc, ad-serving and other online marketing mediums. This has given him a broad knowledge of the channels and techniques used within the digital space and how best to apply them to professional practices for maximum results at minimum cost.

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