Assessed land logged

Since launching the Risk Assessed Land Register (RALR) six months ago, Landmark has captured the details of over 2,800 hectares of land (6,900+ acres) that has been assessed and deemed not to be liable for action under Part 2A of the Environmental Protection Act 1990. This is the equivalent of over 2,600 football pitches which have been logged in the RALR.

Launched in April, the RALR is a dataset unique to Landmark that greatly improves the efficiency of transactions for all parties, especially in the case of new developments, which can traditionally be problematic from a search perspective. Where the risk of contamination and/or pollution has been assessed, verified and ‘passed’ by specialists from Argyll Environmental, the data is fed into Landmark’s Land Register for future reference.

The data gathered is used to prevent the same site – and others located within the 25m zone of the original search – from requiring further action in the future, allowing Landmark to pass more conveyancing reports, first time with no manual intervention. Indeed, this is proving so popular that solicitors, housebuilders and estate agents are actively contributing information to the database to ensure the smoothest possible transactions.

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