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Attorneys to rewrite exam

This is after a Johannesburg attorney and candidate was found in possession of a duplicate exam paper. It seems that two LSSA employees colluded with the attorney. Unfortunately, because the LSSA does not know how many leaked copies were distributed, all results nationwide will be declared null and void and the 800 affected attorneys will have to rewrite the exam on July 28.

Media release on De Rebus and Full article on Iol

Reader Comments:

Izindi van Sittert 10/06/2004:

It is really unfortunate for the many hardworking candidates to have to re-write the exam. How can such a thing happen in a profession that is supposed to be known for its integrity? How can we determine the effects this will have on the outside world's view of us who have already passed this exam without cheating?

Liza Visser 11/06/2004:

Although I can understand the decision taken by the LSSA for all the candidates to re-write the exam which we took on the 12th of May 2004, it angers me that something like this was allowed to happen. All the time wasted studying for an exam which we are ultimately being forced to re-write.

Not to mention the fact that all of us have also lost precious leave time that needed to be taken to study and the stresses involved in taking an exam of this nature. We can not expect our Employers to give leave again to write this exam, although most Employers are extrememly understanding. I really hope that soemthing like this does not happen again, as it is devastating both emotional and professionally!!!!

I hope that this so called attorney's name is struck from the Roll, any other decision would be unfair and ludicrous. It is an attorney like him/her that gives the rest of the profession a bad day. If she/he could cheat on exam, they would be dishonest with Trust money too. Dishonesty is inbred.

So now it is back to the grindstone and hopefully this time the exam will be without a hitch.

Chris Fick 11/06/2004:

I believe that the attorney should be struck from the roll and the LSSA employees should be dismissed. The standard of conveyancing has deteriorated over the past few years and the standard of the exam has dropped. The particular exam which has been declared null and void was the easiest question paper ever.

Gert Geldenhuys 11/06/2004:

Attorneys' profession revolves around integrity. We who are not guilty, are assumed guilty, without proven so. Most of us are admitted attorneys and was part of our applications therefore, that the Law Society confirmed that we are honest people, with integrity and that we have never been found guilty of any criminal offences.

We are now being made the laughing stock of the public, because the Law Society does not trust its members, who were not caught out. This has financial implications for all of us, as well as major inconvenience. Punish those that were found guilty and not those who were not.

Yulande 17/06/2004:

I feel that this is extremely unfair and the LLSA should have proceedures in place for this type of occurence. As well as a BETTER way to deal with this situation. Certain rules and regulations. Why do 799 persons get punished for one persons transgression?

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