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Deeds Office document copy backlogs for the five Deeds Offices with document copy facilities. The graph makes interesting reading, with Pretoria coming back slowly after a backlog of over 20 business days. As at the 12th of September 2006, the document copy backlogs were as follows:

Deeds Office Date Backlog
Cape Town 11/09 Next working day
Johannesburg 11/09 Next working day
King Williams Town 12/09 Same day
Pietermaritzburg 11/09 Next working day
Pretoria 29/08 10 working days

This Backlog statistics shows the trend of the total number of documents outstanding at the five Deeds Offices since the start of the year. Pretoria is way in the lead as a result of the bigger volumes with which they have to deal but also because of its office move and its need for more digitising equipment.

Reader Comments:

Daan Seymore Sabie 15/09/2006:

I have noticed from documents (delivered the last few weeks) registered in November that they are stamped by the electronic data section during December 2005. This means that the excuse that the documents are needed for electronic scanning etc has seemingly no basis. The deeds must then all be stacked up somewhere in the deeds office for sorting out to be delivered to Conveyancers 8 to 9 months later. This is of course an unacceptable situation.

If someone has taken transfer of an erf which was registered in his name say in January he can not register a building bond until delivery of the title deed say in September or October. If a sale takes place same thing happens. I have not seen anywhere anybody complaining about this poor service and yet property owners and estate agents are crying continually in the attorneys ears for the title deeds. Any idea whats going on?

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