Basic Sectional Title

These two books will prove to be useful to the owner of a sectional title unit, a trustee, the chairman of a body corporate, an estate agent or a student, in that they encapsulate the author's experience in tackling practical sectional title problems. The author - Ted Woudberg - is an independent property consultant and estate administrator.

The books are user-friendly with the following topics being covered in Basic Sectional Title Book One:

  • Levies of the body corporate
  • Special levies
  • Rules of the body corporate
  • Common property and exclusive use areas
  • Management of the body corporate
  • Self administration: Writing up a simple set of books
  • Tenants and leases
  • Trustees
  • Insurance policy
  • Decisions made by the body corporate
  • Repairs and maintenance
  • Summary of the Sectional Titles Act
  • Share blocks

Basic Sectional Title Book Two covers the more technical elements of sectional titles and complements Book One with its more detailed analysis of the following topics:
  • Development of a sectional title complex
  • Municipal rates and taxes
  • Building employees
  • Meetings of the body corporate
  • Investment of surplus funds
  • Income taxes and levies
  • Anomalies associated with levies
  • Conduct rules and the new constitution
  • Employment of managing agents
  • Current developments

Both works have indexes while the first book has a glossary of terminology.

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