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I was heavily criticized for my views recently by some more "seasoned" conveyancers about my agreeing with the Deeds office's decision to ignore the SCA's decision - that the minister's approval of subdivision of agricultural land should no longer be required - should not be enforced pending an appeal to the C/Court.

My reasoning was simply that we should await the CC's decision when we would have finality, rather than make decisions now, which could result in chaos, if the C/Court did not uphold the Appeal. Surprise, surprise - The C/Court did uphold the appeal. Can you imagine the drama and chaos if the Deeds Office had to reverse its procedures now again? Seems it may have been the right thing to do what the Registrar did, after all and that I may not know as much as certain others about conveyancing, but litigation does teach one to sit tight until the fat lady has sung...

Robert Krautkrämer

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