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Black conveyancers association

A black conveyancers association is to be launched in Cape Town on 21 May. It plans to advance and represent the interests of black conveyancers nationally. The interim executive committee believes that despite legislation, charters, regulations and draft codes of good practice, black conveyancers who practice for their own accounts or who are employees of black owned attorneys' firms still find themselves being marginalised.

To this end, the objectives of the organisation are primarily to:

  • advance, promote and represent the interests of black conveyancers in all spheres of practice, government, financial institutions, parastatals, public and private companies, developers, private individuals and the general public;
  • ensure compliance by all relevant institutions with BEE legislation, regulations, charters and codes applicable to the legal sector or financial services industry', and prevent the exploitation of the BEE framework by previously advantaged legal practices and professionals, and
  • ensure the continuation and growth of bona fide black-owned legal - and specifically conveyancing - firms.
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