He quickly dispenses with "big, new ideas" and the voguish abstract conceptualisation that apparently establishes a law firm's brand via bold and essentially incoherent association with nature or art. He then discusses two costly and ironic marketing mistakes he has observed:

  • Selecting a font which is so non-standard that outsiders (clients, vendors, etc.) cannot view it on their computers.
  • Implementing a brilliant new recruiting campaign which attracts mainly the sort of attorney the firm does not want.
He feels that law firm branding is largely a waste of time and energy and that a law firms "true brand" is its hard earned reputation based on experience, usefulness, steadiness and client focus. Firms have many other cheaper, more efficient ways of promoting themselves. A good, focused, and informative website which distinguishes ones firm and the services it offers from other firms is one way. Customer relationship management (CRM) programmes and good PowerPoint presentations are others.

Article in Modern Practice

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