What it is
BridgingCentral is an online portal that allows attorneys and bridging finance companies to process bridging finance loans - fast, accurately and with minimum impact.

BridgingCentral integrates with conveyancing systems. When a bond or transfer is opened for bridging on the conveyancing system, the information from the conveyancing system is uploaded through a secure service to the website. Any updates to this information are also sent through to the website. BridgingCentral is built using the latest web technologies. It is a completely integrated system, linking all the relevant parties (attorneys, mortgage originators, property developers, estate agents and others).

Benefits and aspects include:

  • Fast completion of forms;
  • Latest loan documents always used;
  • Only the relevant documents are used;
  • No more hard copy of forms needed;
  • Immediate communication of information;
  • Notification of important events;
  • Real time loan settlement figures;
  • Choose which bridging finance company to use;
  • Secure SSL encrypted information;
  • No need to install or update;
  • Available 24/7
For more information and getting started - BridgingCentral fact sheet
BridgingCentral website

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