Cape Town Registrar's Notice 1 of 2009

The following Registrar's Resolutions are dealt with:

RCR 8/2008 - date or place of company resolutions in deeds and documents.

RCR 14/2008 - rejection of deeds containing abbreviations.

RCR 19/2008 - the so-called "conveyancer's 4(1)(b)".

RCR 35 /2008 - Item 8(b) of the schedule of fees and calculations based on the capital amount.

RCR 40 /2008 - stamping the face of the GPA.

RC 1 /2009 - replacing the word "bondholders" with the words "holder of a right".

Validity of rates clearance certificates - expiry dates with reference to
CRC 8/2008, CRC 11/2005, CRC 10/2004 and RC 7/2004.

Cape Town Registrar's Notice No.1 of 2009

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