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S118 Applications: Admin Fee Non Payment of Accounts

As per previous communication and as conveyed to attendees at the feedback / interaction sessions, the sundry account for the billing of the Admin Fee must be paid timeously otherwise conveyancing firms will be suspended from submitting rates clearance applications. The validation for the payment of the admin fee will now be strictly implemented and adhered.

Therefore, there might be a number of firms not being able to transact with the City. Feedback received indicated that there are firms in arrears in excess of 90 days. The process below must be followed should firms not have received nor queried the non-receipt of their admin fee accounts:

  • They must send a mail to the escalated mail box used for escalated queries.
  • In the subject field, they must quote: Admin Fee Outstanding Account
  • In the contents of the mail they must quote:
    Firm name and Branch if applicable.
    Business partner number and Contract account number if available.

The staff dealing with the escalated mail address will then extract the latest account and mail it to the conveyancer.

Please note
This will only be a once off process to assist attorneys with receiving their invoice as well as updating the City’s records. Thereafter, the Debt Management process will be implemented failing no cooperation from attorneys.

Conveyancers wishing to change the postal address of the account they can do so by:

  • Sending an e-mail to — help.ucescapetown.gov.za
  • In the subject field they must quote: Attorney Admin Fee Account – Change of Address
  • In the contents of the mail they must quote:
    Firm name and Branch if applicable.
    Business partner number and Contract account number if available.
    Address where the account must be mailed to.

Cape Town S118 Application - Administration Fee Payment

S118 Applications — Seller and/or Proposed Sellers details differ from Deeds Office and City of Cape Town Records

The discussions and as conveyed at the feedback sessions held recently, further investigations will be done to determine other reasons or causes impacting negatively on the processing of S118 applications.

One of the problems identified is that conveyancers are submitting applications where the seller and or proposed seller’s details differ from the City of Cape Town and Deeds Office records, e.g. Estate late Soap instead of Soap.

As agreed to and practise in the past for many years, the seller and for proposed sellers details must be the same as on the Deeds search and ultimately that of the City of Cape Town records. It is the responsibility of the conveyancer to submit supporting documents to the Deeds Office to support the lodgement of a transfer in this case, an Estate Late Soap.

The validations in the enhanced system rejects these applications and submits the applications into a Pending Status which lead to delays as the administrative process to deal with these matters are impacting negatively on the processing of S118 applications, speedily and timeously in some cases.

A request that applications be submitted as per the Deed search only to avoid unnecessary delays as these applications are parked to attend to successful applications first.

This can and will lead to applications being rejected.

Cape Town S118 Application - Sellers details Differ from Deeds Office and City Records

Reader Comments:

Patti Oosthuizen 05/06/2015:

I have made our Bookkeeping Department aware of the payment policy. They have pointed out that our account from Council arrives extremely late every month.

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