CapX kick starts BridgingCentral

About CapX
CapX Finance is a leader in the property bridging financing industry with clients throughout South Africa and Namibia. Founded in 2001 it is a company which has embraced technology and which communicates primarily with its clients by telephone, fax and email. Simple documentation, low rates and professional service combine to create an extremely efficient process. Which is why CapX and BridgingCentral are such a great fit.

For more information contact Gerhard@capx.co.za or Anthea@capx.co.za. or by telephone at 021 979 1960.

About BridgingCentral
BridgingCentral is an online portal that allows attorneys and bridging finance companies to process bridging finance loans - fast, accurately and with minimum impact. BridgingCentral integrates with conveyancing systems using the latest web technologies. It is a completely integrated system, linking all the relevant parties (attorneys, mortgage originators, property developers, estate agents and others).

For more information and getting started - BridgingCentral fact sheet
BridgingCentral website

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