Registrar's Circulars

Chief Registrar's Circular 03/2016

Application of Section 24bis of the Deeds Registries Act, 1937 (No. 47 of 1937) to Sectional Title Units and Exclusive Use Areas

Where a sectional title unit and an exclusive use area in a sectional title scheme are owned by a firm or partnership and the firm or partnership is dissolved, the application in terms of section 24bis (2) of Act 47 of 1937, to vest the unit and exclusive use area in the members or partners, may be lodged in one or more applications. If one application is lodged, then same must be allocated a ST........... code. If two applications are lodged, the application in respect of the unit must be allocated with a ST......... code and the application for the exclusive use area must be allocated with an SK......... S – Code.

Chief Registrar's Circular No. 3 of 2016

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