Registrar's Circulars

Chief Registrar's Circular 05/2017


1. Purpose
The purpose of this circular is to provide for and establish a body of rules that aim to effectively govern the conduct of employees involved in the Deeds Registration process at the Branch: Deeds Registration, thereby promoting exemplary conduct by employees and contributing to the development of high ethical standards in the work environment.

Topics/issues are covered/expanded upon in detail in the circular under the following headings:

2. Principles
3. Authorisation
4. Scope
5. Circular co-ordination
6. Related information
7. Financial implications
8. Date of implementation
9. Specific functions

  1. Lodgement of deeds
  2. Distribution of deeds
  3. First level of examination of deeds
  4. Second level examination of deeds
  5. Monitoring and execution of deeds
  6. Preparation Section
  7. Final Black booking of deeds
  8. Numbering, Sealing and Dating of deeds
  9. Data Capturing and Scanning of registered deeds and documents
  10. Restricted areas
  11. Provision of Documents and information

10. General Acts of misconduct
11. What constitutes misconduct
12. Management of misconduct
13. Confidentiality of employee information
14. Consultation
15. Glossary of terms

Chief Registrar's Circular No. 5 of 2017

Reader Comments:

R Reichman-Israelsohn 18/08/2017:

We would be grateful if attention would please be given to the accounts department. We maintain our Deeds Registry accounts meticulously. On many occasions we find errors in the Deeds Registry accounting where we are debited with registrations which are not ours.

Usually we satisfy the Deeds Registry accounting department who correct the errors and no problem arises. However on occasion - such as on the 11th August - we experienced that, unknown to us and without any notification whatever, our account is frozen (NOT BECAUSE OF ANY DEFAULT OR NEGLIGENCE ON OUR PART, BUT BECAUSE OF ERRORS IN THE DEEDS REGISTRY ACCOUNTING DEPARTMENT) and we suffer the humiliation of prejudice and loss to our clients and simuls from our Conveyancing procedural delays. JHB 108

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