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The questions he asks are worthy of repetition here and also apply mutatis mutandis to the conveyancing attorney.

They include:

  • Does the vendor have a thorough understanding of the conveyancing profession and the attorney's requirements?
  • Does the vendor have a good track record in providing and maintaining such software?
  • Does the vendor have financial stamina to stay the course, to enhance and evolve its software according to the dictates of business practice and the marketplace?
  • Does the vendor offer a comprehensive solution?
  • Does the vendor have an established support network such as local support staff and a national helpdesk?
  • Does the vendor have a long-term view? Is the vendor committed to being innovative in developing flexible technological solutions?
At first glance, they appear to be simple questions. They are however certainly worth remembering since the ramifications of choosing the wrong software can be more costly than having chosen nothing at all.

Reader Comments:

Barbara Carton 28/10/2005:

In my experience, it doesn't matter what the product or service is no better than the "customer service" or "technical service" that backs it up. I have been in the computer industry for 2 decades, I've seen HW & SW come and go.

What companies want today is a simple approach to maintaining their IT needs, and they don't want it spread out among more than one vendor. They want it simple and they want a "live" person on the phone when they need help. The "personal" attention to details will never go out of style. It can be the "weak link" in the chain, that determines the strength of the whole network.

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