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Clearance applications

This was prompted by the fact that often not all the required fields on the Clearance Application Forms are completed, resulting in applications being rejected.

It draws attention to the following guidelines and notes when completing a clearance application form to ensure minimal delay:

  • Municipal Account number

  • Section A deals with the application date. This should correspond to the application fee date and the date on which the application is submitted to our offices.

  • Section B requires the provision of the conveyancing firm's details. This information also assists with the processing of any refund request after clearance. An email address will expedite status feedback.

  • Section C and F (Property Details). If the incorrect details are supplied the application will be partially processed with the incorrect information and then rejected when it is established that the information received is incorrect. This causes unnecessary delay. Extreme care should be taken when completing these sections.

  • Section D (Seller's Information). This information is used to compare the Sellers details to the information on our billing system. In some instances you may be required to supply copies of a Deeds search, as a means of verification.

  • Section E (Purchaser's Information). By receiving the correct information we can ensure that the new owner receives his/her first bill timeously.

  • Section G is where you are able to supply the property category and meter reading details. Doing so will shorten the process for provision of clearance figures.
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