Korbitec collaboration on the transaction hub is the act of working together on a property transaction by allowing all participants to share notes and documents as well as follow the progress of a particular transaction.

How does it work?
The Property validation ID of each matter opened in GhostConvey is uploaded to the transaction hub. When a match is found, a collaboration request is generated. A collaboration alert will then be sent back to the respective matters, where the owner of the matter will have a choice to accept or to decline the collaboration request.

Who are potential collaborators?
* Bond Attorneys
* Transfer Attorneys
* Cancellation Attorneys
* Banks
* Deeds Office
* Mortgage Originators
* Estate Agents
* Developers

Collaborators are able to do the following:

  1. View certain details of the matters relating to the specific property transaction.
  2. View the progress dates of each other's matters.
  3. Post notes onto the Transaction Hub.
  4. Upload documents to share, i.e offers to purchase, draft deeds.
  5. On registration, a deeds office report will be uploaded, confirming registration details.
Download document showing how the process works.

For further information please e-mail here.

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