Conveyancing 2011 Survey

In 2008 the world economy and in particular the property market tipped over.  We framed the questions in this year's survey against this backdrop. In what is a fairly wide ranging survey, we want to find out how legal firms have adapted to the "new normal" vis-a-vis their relationship with estate agents, financial institutions and clients. For good measure we have kept most of the more popular conveyancing questions from previous years. 

To briefly recap 2010's Survey. We received almost 1000 replies of which 657 were usable, representing some 799 conveyancing partners and 1498 conveyancing secretaries. The purpose of the survey then and now is to assist conveyancing professionals in finding out more about the conveyancing environment.

Please note that this survey is completely anonymous, which is why we have used a web form for your responses. In addition, we will publish the data in aggregated form only.

Try to answer the questions as accurately as possible, since the information you provide will be for the benefit of conveyancers and will be invaluable in determining how your firm compares with other firms in your area and provide a good perspective of the current state of the conveyancing profession in South Africa.

The results of the survey will be unpacked, sorted, analysed and presented at the GhostConvey Roadshow in October and published on the GhostDigest


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