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Conveyancing and Notarial Practice

The courses will be offered in various centres around the country and will be held over 10 or 20 sessions depending on the centre.

In the past Continuing Legal Education and Practical Legal Training both offered courses in conveyancing and notarial practice. With the amalgamation of these two sections into Legal Education and Development, it was decided to rationalise these offerings and draft one set of study documents from the best of the distance education and the attendance courses.

The aim of these courses is to prepare attorneys for the profession's conveyancing and notarial practice examinations and to provide a practical background for the work of conveyancers and notaries.

Training is provided by practising conveyancers and notaries who also drafted the course material.

In both the distance education and attendance courses, mere attendance of lectures/workshops, and completing the assignments will not be sufficient to pass the examinations. Intense study and diligent practise in the drafting of deeds by the learner, as well as participation in class discussion and workshops, are essential.

Attorneys and candidate attorneys may register for these courses as well as any others who wish to learn more about these fields of practice, although the offices of Conveyancer and Notary are reserved for admitted attorneys.

Our courses are offered at such competitive prices because they are subsidised by the Attorneys Fidelity Fund.

Please note the following:
For Practising attorneys the fees are as follows: R2,100 Conveyancing (10 sessions); R2,750 Conveyancing (20 sessions); Notarial Practice R1,700

Closing date for registrations: 31 January 2011 - Complete the registration form and fax it to us, together with your proof of payment.

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