Conveyancing Practice Guide

Publisher: LexisNexis South Africa
Format: Soft Cover, eBook
Book ISBN: 9780409054996
eBook ISBN: 9780409124330
Year Published: 2015
Author(s): Allen West
Price: R655.50  (incl. vat)

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The Conveyancing Practice Guide is designed to be an easy-to-read practice guide that covers most of the conveyancing transactions. The fourth edition covers the vast field of conveyancing in a compact, quick reference format. The Conveyancing Practice Guide provides day-to-day guidance on regulations, preparation of transfer documents and the deeds registry and is an indispensable tool for all involved with the practice and procedures of conveyancing.

A quick up-to-date reference to practical issues around transfer documentation and processesDesigned to be an easy-to-read practice guide that covers most of the basic and common conveyancing transactions. The Market this title is aimed for is the conveyancing secretaries who have to prepare documentation accurately and in accordance with relevant legislation requirements. It also provides trainee or novice conveyancers with a practical and accessible guide. Not a comprehensive legal treatise.

Table of Contents

Preface Preface
Author About the Author
INTRODUCTION Changes in law and new developments
CHAPTER 1 An introduction to conveyancing practice
CHAPTER 2 The transfer of immovable property
CHAPTER 3 Mortgage bonds
CHAPTER 4 The Alienation of Land Act No. 68 of 1981
CHAPTER 5 Miscellaneous applications, consents and endorsements
CHAPTER 6 Certificates of title (substituted titles)
CHAPTER 7 Notarial deeds
CHAPTER 8 Miscellaneous transfers
CHAPTER 9 The registration of general plans and the opening of township register
CHAPTER 10 Sectional titles
CHAPTER 11 Miscellaneous matters
CHAPTER 12 Customary marriages and civil unions
CHAPTER 13 Frequently asked questions
APPENDIX Precedents
TABLE Table of statutes

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