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Conveyancing problems in Johannesburg

The letter outlines a litany of problems, all of which cause delays in property transactions and which result in severe financial losses to members of the public. It follows the failure of the Council to address the problems and the growing perception that the services rendered by the Council have not improved.

The problems that are experienced, which are many, include inter alia the following:

  1. The delays in obtaining rates clearance figures and rates clearance certificates.
  2. The unprofessional service and lack of skills and knowledge of the Council staff dealing with the property matters.
  3. That some of the members have witnessed other members of the public "bribing" Council staff in order to have figures done without them having to queue as the rest of the members or the public have to do. Specific names have been given to the Committee.
The cumulative effect of all the problems is that:
  1. Poor service is rendered to the members of the public and members.
  2. The perception of the general public is that members are delaying property transactions and are not doing their job properly.
  3. There is a very negative public image of the Council.
  4. The Council loses out on substantial amounts of revenue income as a result of mistakes and lack of service in the various departments.
  5. Members of the public are losing money because their transfer matters are not being attended to promptly and efficiently.

The Association would prefer the route of negotiation and discussion rather than that of conflict to resolve the problems.

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