Tables of Costs

Conveyancing Tables - June 2018

The Tables of Costs - ready reckoner has been updated to reflect the changes made to the Recommended Guideline of Fees for Conveyancers for the transfer of immovable property or the registration of a mortgage bond -  applicable from the 1st of June 2018. 

It consists of the following sections:

  • Summary of Bond Repayment Interest Rates/Costs.
  • Summary of Bond and Transfer Costs.
  • Tables of Transfer Costs, and
  • Tables of Bond Costs.

Download the June 2018 Tables of Costs for Conveyancing

The calculations in the tables are based inter alia on the following applicable legislation:

  1. Conveyancing: Conventional Deeds (Act 47/1937): Guideline of Fees
  2. Conveyancing: Sectional Titles (Act 95/1986): Guideline of Fees
  3. Interprovincial Apportionment Guidelines: Sectional Titles
  4. Interprovincial Apportionment Guidelines: Conventional Deeds
  5. Conveyancing fees and Apportionment of fees: Alienation of Land Act

to be found here: Conveyancing Fee Guidelines 2018


  1. Deeds Registries Act Amended Schedule of Deeds Office Fees 2017   
  2. Rates of Transfer Duty

Two changes have been made to the Tables in the last three months:

  1. An increase in VAT to 15% which was announced in the Budget with effect from the 1st of April; and the
  2. Recommended Guideline of Fees for conveyancers with effect from the 1st of June.

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