Tables of Costs

Conveyancing Tables - September 2010

The Tables of Costs - ready reckoner has been updated to reflect the recommended fees for the transfer of property as from the 1st September 2010. It consists of the following sections:

  • Summary of Bond Repayment Interest Rates/Costs.
  • Summary of Bond and Transfer Costs.
  • Tables of Transfer costs, and
  • Tables of Bond costs.
Download the 2010 Ready Reckoner - 23 pages
2010 (September) Tables of Costs - ready reckoner (4,414kb) - which will take some time to download.

The calculations in the tables are based inter alia on the following applicable legislation:
Recommended guideline of fees - Conventional Deeds

Recommended guideline of fees - Sectional Deeds

Deeds Registries Act: Amended Regulations and the

Rates of Transfer Duty

To view and print the booklet you must have installed Adobe Acrobat Reader ® version 5.0 or higher.

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