Conveyancing: the psychic link

A recent poll in England has revealed that when it comes to the property-buying facts of life many of us have the "storks deliver babies" level of understanding.

Charmingly, 14 per cent of those surveyed think that conveyancing is carried out by psychics - though given the speed at which some conveyancing proceeds, psychic intervention might well be an improvement.

The esoteric mysteries of conveyancing also seem to baffle more down to earth folk, 38 per cent of whom reckon it's carried out by estate agents. Only 34 per cent rightly said solicitors are the people who bill you for that side of the house-buying process.

In results that resemble an episode of "The Weakest Link" only 48 percent of interviewees knew that estate agents work for sellers, with 40 percent knowing what off-plan buying is. Such ignorance of the basics of what is generally the biggest financial commitment most of us make is staggering and sobering given the current property bull market.

One can only wonder what the results of a similar poll would be in South Africa.

Article on the Belfast Telegraph

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