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In keeping with our focus on the Rule of Law, LexisNexis South Africa (LNSA) has launched a project aimed at informing the general public of their rights during this difficult time. This page will provide free access to resources and information covering a variety of general public themes. We are calling on legal professionals to be a part of this worthwhile initiative, by contributing articles that will address legal related questions, free of charge. For more information please click here

Information housed on the page does not constitute legal advice and you are advised to seek professional assistance .

Please join LexisNexis and our team of editors as we endeavour to offer assistance to the public in understanding the complexities of the law in relation to the impact of CoVid-19. Send your submissions to

Recent articles on the COVID-19 virus include:

Demotion as an alternative to retrenchment

Rental payment problems caused by COVID-19

My rights in the time of COVID-19 – Immigration

Answers to some common COVID-19 related questions

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