Deeds Practice Manuals

Deeds Practice Manuals
The Consolidated Practice Manuals of the Deeds Office of South Africa
Loose-leaf 880 pp
ISBN-13: 978-0-7021-7416-2
R 945,00 (including VAT, excl postage & packaging)

Deeds Practice Manuals provides an extensive survey of the entire field of deeds registration, practice and procedure. Written over a period of more than a decade, and endorsed by the Deeds Office, it is a uniform practical guide that serves as the official manual for deeds examiners. Now conveyancing practitioners can be on the same page as deeds examiners.

While the underlying legal principles are addressed, the focus is on specific procedures, with numerous examples of endorsements and other specimen documents accompanied by the guidelines for deeds examiners.

The material is well organised into sections dealing with conventional deeds, notarial practice, diverse legislation and sectional title. A user-friendly index is also forthcoming shortly.

The loose-leaf format enhances its topicality and makes provision for amendments resulting from the latest Conference Resolutions.

Deeds Practice Manuals is also available in an electronic format (CD and online). In addition to the text of the loose-leaf publication, the electronic version contains a myriad of useful material, namely the full text of all Chief Registrar's Circulars referred to in the text, Acts and regulations and extracts from numerous applicable Acts as well as flynotes and headnotes of reported judgements referred to in the Manuals.

Working with this indispensable resource, it is clear why Mr S Lefafa, the Chief Registrar of Deeds, calls it "the most comprehensive publication in its class" in the Preface.

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