Deeds Registries Amendment -09

The Bill proposes the following:

  • to extend the duties of Registrars by requiring that every Registrar is obliged to give effect to practice and procedure directives issued by the Chief Registrar. This amendment aims to ensure absolute uniformity in the practice of all the deeds registries;
  • to provide for the disclosure of the full names and marital status of persons in all deeds and other documents to be executed or lodged for registration or record in a deeds registry;
  • to provide for the issuing of a certificate of registered title in respect of a fraction of an undivided share in land;
  • to provide for the appointment of alternate members to the Regulations Board to ensure that at all meetings of this body there are enough attendees to make up the required quorum for purposes of taking decisions;
  • to amend the definition of "Master"; and to provide for matters connected therewith;
  • to replace references to "Supreme Court" in the Act with "High Court"; and
  • to delete the reference to a Registrar of Mining Titles or a Mining Commissioner acting as a registration officer.

Comments on the Bill must be submitted to the Department by 7 September 2009 at

Deeds Registries Amendment Bill on ITA

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