Deeds registry in Durban?

In a letter to the June De Rebus, Garrick Laudin writes:

Time for deeds registries in all provinces?
A deeds registry in Durban - why not? The Durban and Coast Local Division of the High Court of South Africa has 23 magisterial districts (most of them on the eastern seaboard of South Africa) comprising its area of jurisdiction.

I propose that the Minister of Land Affairs gazette, as soon as practicable, the establishment of a Deeds Registry in Durban for the 23 districts just mentioned. I think the present building housing the magistrate of Durban could accommodate the Durban Deeds Registry as well, and parking for motor vehicles in that area would be available.

Pietermaritzburg will then have 27 magisterial districts. Who knows, perhaps each province might acquire its own deeds registry. This would lead to more employment and also easier access for conveyancers.

Garrick Laudin,
Kempton Park

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