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Destructive secretaries

In delivering a superior service, lawyers should realise that their secretaries are an extension of themselves; all efforts to build a sound reputation can be swept from the table in one foul swoop by a secretary saying the wrong thing. Lawyers therefore have to spend time and energy on the training and education of their staff. As stakeholders, they are the only ones capable of moulding the future of the firm through their actions and decisions.
What then are the seven deadly sins whereby a secretary can destroy the reputation of a firm?
They are:

  1. Being rude over the phone
  2. Poor message-taking
  3. Poor message delivery
  4. Poor drafting of letters
  5. Negativity
  6. Inaccuracy
  7. Underestimating the value of the client
Time spent with a secretary in training and education are mandatory. A lawyer who channels some of his or her time and energy into improving the quality of the secretary's services will be the owner of a database of satisfied clients and will walk away with a reputation as a great lawyer … add to this a padded bank account.

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