Sectional Titles

Developer Course

This three day intensive course, presented in a MBA classroom environment, will immerse students in the legal, financial and administrative aspects of property development under sectional title, and cover the following twelve parts:

Part 1: Definition of the Developer
Part 2: Pre-sales Activities
Part 3: The Sectional Plan
Part 4: Future Development rights
Part 5: Scheme Rules
Part 6: Scheme Contracts
Part 7: Sales
Part 8: Tenant's pre-emptive rights
Part 9: Approval of the sectional plan and opening of the register
Part 10: Transfers / cessions of rights
Part 11: Handover to Body Corporate
Part 12: Interim Bookkeeping

The course should be of value to anyone who wishes to practice as, or be a service provider to a developer of sectional title schemes, including property developers, estate agents, project managers, attorneys, managing agents, architects, land surveyors, accountants, builders, property development financiers, investors and home owners.

Developer Course Info Pack

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