Durban Convey Club - August 07

Dear Club member

The NCA is well and truly upon us, hopefully the dust will start to settle soon and so will the updates. We share your frustration with the increase in updates over the past 2 months. This is the result of the teething process we endure as the financial institutions adapt to their changing requirements.

Birthday wishes
Best wishes to our August "birthday babes"! Hope you have a wonderful day:
Leanne Naidoo 13th August
Yogeetha Naicker 24th August

From the Help Desk
Kurt has been with the Help Desk for more than two years. Starting out in sales, Kurt moved to Korbitec and was originally employed as a Help Desk Tier 1 Operator. Through hard work and dedication Kurt was promoted at the beginning of 2007 to a Help Desk Tier 2 Consultant. His technical abilities have made him a firm favourite amongst our WinDeed clients especially.

The Help Desk has always taken pride in providing outstanding customer service, however with an increase of 42% in call volumes in the last 2 months our service has created some customer frustration and for this we sincerely apologise. NCA queries are starting to settle down, we are addressing all concerns raised and have employed additional staff who are undergoing daily training to assist with the increase in calls.

In closing the help desk would like to say a very big "thank you" for the patience and understanding shown and hope to have service levels up at their normal levels soon.

Attorney Gateway
Attorney Gateway for FNB has already taken off countrywide. There are many advantages to the new Gateway, such as:
  • Faster messaging - messages are sent and received between bank and attorney in less than 2 minutes.
  • Built in sequencing - cannot send messages out of sequence
  • ATP - cannot be sent unless all bank specific fields are completed.
  • Credits passed for all NTU's withdrawns and cancelled bonds.
  • Transition is seamless
  • One stop support through Korbitec.
To read more about Attorney Gateway and to get more details read A partnership.

Price Increase!
Notification was sent out at the end of June regarding the price increase effective from the 1st of August. Please ensure that you edit your statement details to cater for the price increase as contained in Editing the transactional billing support fee in the GhostConvey Accounts.

WinDeed Off-line search facility in latest update
As you know, when you make a property, person or document enquiry with WinDeed, your search is made directly against the Deeds Office's database. Although this facility is highly reliable, there are occasions when the Deeds Office service is disrupted and searching is not possible. Should you encounter this situation while you are searching, you will be advised that the Deeds Office is not available and offered some alternatives:

WinDeed Off-line facility
We have built a highly comprehensive and accurate database of South African property ownership information. You may make your search against this database and get the results back in very much the same format that you are used to. However, it cannot be stressed enough that this is NOT a 'LIVE' Deeds Office search - it is a search against WinDeed's alternative database. If you don't find the information that you're looking for, you may still want to make your search against the Deeds Office when its server comes back on-line.

Searches made against WinDeed's Off-line database are charged at the same rate as on-line Deeds Office searches.

Please note the following Deeds Office searches are not available in Off-line search mode:
  • Document Copy requests
  • Deeds Office detailed cost requests
  • Interdict/Sequestration searches
  • Web site Deeds Office access (via "Search Now" link)

Notify me when the Deeds Office is available again
If it is essential that your information comes from the Deeds Office - and ONLY from the Deeds Office - we can understand this. We'll let you know as soon as the Deeds Office comes back on-line by one of two methods. We can send you either an e-mail message or an SMS to your cell phone (SMS messages are charged at a nominal rate - please refer to the WinDeed Price List).

Just a reminder that barcodes where recently inserted in headers and footers on certain documents for:-
* FNB - Edgars Division
* FNB - Home Loans Division
The barcodes on the FNB documents must look something like this in the header and footer:

If the documents merge with wording like:


3000010012553* *NCAIDV210307SVJUN07* in the footer, then the barcode font has not been installed on your PC.

The barcode font is available in the \GWData\GhostConvey\Programs\ folder. The font file 3of9.ttf should be copied to the c:\windows\fonts\ folder on all GhostConvey PCs.

Did you know that you are able to view your matters in order of date received by selecting the option from the View menu?

For this month's competition; name another view mode available in the View menu.

Email your answers to - all correct answers will go into a lucky draw and the winner will receive Pavillion vouchers to the value of R500.00

Recipe of the month - Leek and Potato Soup

3 Tbl oil
4 Leeks
3 potatoes
4 rashers bacon
3tsp flour
2ml basil
2ml tarragon
2ml savoy
5 cups stock
1 cup milk

Heat oil, and sauté leeks and bacon. Add potatoes and cook for 5 minutes.
Add flour and stir, season with salt and pepper and herbs. Pour stock into mixture cook for further 40min. Run mixture through blender, add milk and serve.


Registration to our club is free. If you have not yet joined, please click on the following prompt Durban GhostConvey Club, fill in your details and send.

Words of wisdom

"Most folks are about as happy as they make their minds up to be" - Abraham Lincoln.

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