Durban Convey Club – July 07

Welcome to the July edition of Durban's GhostConvey Club. Our aim is to provide you with useful GhostConvey related information on a monthly basis, in addition to some more light-hearted hints, recipes, jokes etc, and not forgetting our regular competitions with some fantastic prizes up for grabs.

Birthday Wishes
We'd like to wish all our July "birthday babes" a very happy birthday. They are:
Michelle Mulder 1st July
Luverne Stainbank 4th July
Wendy Parker 7th July
Vanessa Slinger 14th July
Kareen van Koningsbruggen 22nd July
Bets Zietsman 27th July
Daleen Munro 27th July


We would like to introduce you to our HelpDesk over the next few months.

This month's star is Raphael Roems. Raphael has been with Korbitec for 2 years. He started as a Tier 1 operator and moved up, joining the Tier 2 team in July last year. Raphael is currently completing his MCSE qualification and his wealth of IT knowledge has proven to be invaluable. In his spare time Raphael can be found either gaming or found pumping iron at gym. He is our Cape Town Branch's resident Hulk :-)

What's new at Korbitec

We are about to launch our new GhostConvey website. The URL to the new enhanced site is:

Some interesting aspects of the website are:
Important notices, categorized per financial institution
Confirmation of the latest GhostConvey updates
Hints and tips to assist users with GhostConvey
Training schedules per branch, which will enable users to see what training is on offer per month

Version 9.4.2 : Hints and Tips

Barcodes have been inserted in headers and footers on certain documents for:-
* FNB - Edgars Division
* FNB - Home Loans Division
The barcodes on the FNB documents must look something like this in the header and footer:

If the documents merge with wording like:


3000010012553* *NCAIDV210307SVJUN07* in the footer, then the barcode font has not been installed on your PC.

The barcode font is available in the \GWData\GhostConvey\Programs\ folder. The font file 3of9.ttf should be copied to the c:\windows\fonts\ folder on all GhostConvey PCs.

Go Green!

Did you know that re-cycling just one plastic bottle conserves enough energy to power a 60-watt light bulb for six hours? Statistics show that 800 trucks deposit 5500 tonnes of rubbish into landfills outside Durban on a daily basis! It's time to go green and start re-cycling.

Here are some helpful sites to get you started:

Plastics: visit
Cans: contact Collect-A-Can KwaZulu-Natal on (031) 700-5935
Paper: visit


Registration to our club is free. If you have not yet joined, please click on the following prompt Durban GhostConvey Club, fill in your details and send.

Tail Piece

A blonde wanted to go ice fishing, so after buying the right tools for the exercise she headed to the nearest frozen lake. After setting up her gear she proceeds to cut a circular hole in the ice.

Suddenly from the heavens a voice bellowed, "THERE ARE NO FISH UNDER THE ICE."
The poor blonde, startled, almost slipped and fell over, but she took her gear and moved further down the ice, poured herself a thermos of Nestle Hot Chocolate Lite and proceeded to cut another hole in the ice.

The voice bellowed again from the heavens, "THERE ARE NO FISH UNDER THE ICE."
By now quite frightened, she decided to move to the end of the ice.

Determined she began to cut a hole again and as she stood up with her tools once again the voice boomed "THERE ARE NO FISH UNDER THE ICE."

The petrified blonde raised her head and said, "Is that you, Lord?"

The voice boomed back, "NO, IT IS THE MANAGER OF THE ICE RINK."

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