E-conveyance walkthrough

The econveyance™ property transfer system has moved "beyond paper" in that it allows the completion of the entire property transfer online. It starts with the title search online, and ends with the generation and exchange of all related documents using electronic signatures. The system, which is in use in British Columbia, has a number of features such as:

  • Direct and easy access is provided to land titles and the electronic filing system (EFS);
  • Reputable security and reliability;
  • Online communication links all parties directly associated with the property transfer;
  • Online connectivity with third-party service providers leads to efficient and timely turnaround times for everything from municipal tax information to insurance binders; and
  • Finalizing the deal happens through electronic signature functions for exchanging letters, professional undertakings and registering land transfer forms.
Ease-of-use features include:
  • Multiple data entry and associated human error is virtually eliminated;
  • Office and staff productivity significantly improves; and
  • Electronic generation of all related conveyance documents and required property transfer forms adds convenience and improves timeliness to the transaction.
Seeing really is believing and I found the "econveyance™ Overview demo" in the link below to be a fascinating summary of the econveyance system.

econveyance™ demonstration

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